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We have been repairing day/night shades for the RV industry for over 10 years.

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Restringing window shades for your RV or camper is our specialty.

Send your broken window shade to:

The Shady Guy
1000 S. Arbor St.
Bay City, MI  48706

You can call and talk to me after 5pm Eastern time.
989 892-5956

No Kits! Just send me the shade and I'll fix it. Turn around time for repairs is usually less then five days.

Pricing is as follows:

$30.00 each string plus postage and packaging.

Specify if you want all the strings replaced. I usually inspect all strings for signs of damage. Any string showing fatigue is replaced, but those in good condition are left alone (unless) you specify you'd like all strings replaced.

Pay by Check, Cash or Paypal

shade repair RV camper window day/night

The Shade Repair Shop
1000 S. Arbor St.
Bay City, Michigan 48706

Phone: (989) 892-5956

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